BRIGADE Unleashes Horror Movie Poster Series for Halloween

Halloween posters
BRIGADE BRIGADE, is an independent, woman-owned branding and design agency providing distinct creative solutions that re-energize tired brands and help savvy marketing teams take on the leaders in the category.

Halloween is prime time for horror films. To celebrate the season, we created a series of movie posters inspired by some of the genre’s most famous iconography.

This project allowed us to blend attentive design with memorable visuals from pop culture. It also provided a chance to follow-up the BRIGADE-themed Jaws poster we created for Shark Week earlier this year.

BRIGADE Creative Thom Dudley shared some additional insight into the process behind each poster. Read on below, and click the embedded images for a downloadable high-resolution version. Happy Halloween!


The Exorcist is widely accepted as the ‘scariest’ movie ever made, and slipping a BRIGADE B-icon into the image was easy,” Dudley said. “A little customized purple type later and we had our fake Exorcist poster.”

Halloween posters 1


“A very brief and informal survey of adults aged 35-43 in the room at the time determined the most iconic horror movies to us (or at least the ones our older siblings decided to torment us with) were Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Poltergeist, Halloween, and The Thing,” Dudley said.

Of those, Poltergeist presented the clearest opportunity to create an agency-themed poster.

“It’s a simple, well-known image that we could imitate with the trappings of creative life at BRIGADE: a B-branded cup of coffee, a 27-inch iMac full of demons, a stylus, and so on,” Dudley said.

Associate Creative Director Tim MacKay photographed the poster’s haunting central visual, with Producer Courtney Hummel kneeling in front of the iMac to mirror young Carol Anne hypnotically pinned to the TV. Finessing the crisp photography into something grainy and analog completed the effect.

The Brandening

The third poster has broader inspiration. “It’s based on Lucio Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery, but draws from a feeling and era more than anything — 1970s and 80s horror logos, Vincent Price and William Castle schlock from the mid-20th century, low-budget 70s exploitation, and grindhouse cinema,” Dudley said. “It was a nice opportunity to make a fast illustration of the team, our office, and a threatening claw holding the Wacom stylus we all depend on.”

Halloween posters 3

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