We Are BRIGADE: A Conversation with Jackie Saucier, Creative Intern

We Are BRIGADE internship
BRIGADE BRIGADE, is an independent, woman-owned branding and design agency providing distinct creative solutions that re-energize tired brands and help savvy marketing teams take on the leaders in the category.

At BRIGADE, we foster the next generation of creative talent by offering competitive paid internships to young designers from all over the country.

Jackie Saucier, one of our esteemed interns, graduated from the College of Saint Rose with a BFA in graphic design. We talked to her about her approach to her work, her experience with us this summer, and how she’s continuing to make an impact in the world of design.

Let’s take a moment to look back. How did you originally hear about us, and what inspired you to apply for our internship?
After graduation I wanted to keep designing. I applied for a variety of agency jobs and internships throughout the Northeast. What impressed me most about BRIGADE was the commitment to creating polished design and building strong relationships with clients. I also was impressed with BRIGADE’s variety of work, from large international accounts like SVEDKA to local clients like Esselon Coffee.

What is your style and approach to design?
Adaptable, researched, collaborative, and curious. Originally I was drawn to graphic design as a creative outlet. I quickly learned that design can be a universal tool to facilitate change. These days I am interested in audience identification and designing across multiple platforms.What did you learn during your internship?
I learned about building a brand and using a strong concept to drive a brand direction, and the importance of storytelling when creating an identity. I loved the mech-checking process, the attention to kerning, how everything made by the agency is released at the highest quality. That attention to detail is something I strive to replicate in my own work and it was wonderful to be taught the BRIGADE way.

My largest project at BRIGADE was to create an alternate brand identity for ValleyBike. This work helped honed my skills with responding to a brand’s existing identity and large pool of competitors — two obstacles found in any real-world project — and with presenting creative. Being able to discuss and explain creative choices is essential to becoming a strong designer.

What are your goals as a designer?
My number one goal is to always stay curious, keep learning, and continue growing. Graphic design is a field of work that is constantly changing. Whether learning new technology or experimenting with illustration styles, I push myself to stay up to date. I strive to be a connected, adaptable designer and a genuine listener. Design is about communication, not only between myself and other designers, but also between agencies and their clients. To be successful, strong collaboration and trust are key.

My long-term goal is to hopefully hold a position as an art director and continue to help others through design.

What advice would you give someone currently pursuing an internship?
Don’t be afraid to apply for internships that are outside of your comfort zone. There is no such thing as a bad experience. Refine your portfolio and don’t include work you don’t believe in. If you don’t believe in it, then talking about it in an interview will be 10 times harder. Learn about your passions and express them in your cover letters, emails, and in the interview.

Finding an internship or a job is like going on the world’s most complicated first date. A great portfolio is always a plus, don’t get me wrong, but the people looking for interns also want to know if you will fit within the company culture. So breathe, believe in yourself, and go submit 1,000 applications!

What are you doing now? What’s next for you?
Right after my time with BRIGADE, I was fortunate enough to land a full-time job as a graphic designer at WORX, a branding and digital marketing studio in Prospect, Connecticut. I truly enjoy being surrounded by a wonderful group of creatives and there is never a dull moment. WORX also has a strong connection to nonprofits in the area, including the United Way of Greater Waterbury, where I will be joining the Emerging Leaders group later this year.

We were grateful to work with Jackie at this early stage of her career and we look forward to following her development.

Interested in pursuing an internship with BRIGADE? We are always looking for smart, talented people. Read more information and apply here.


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