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How to Craft Your Brand’s Positioning

Tell us about your brand in one sentence. Okay fine, two sentences. What do you offer—more so and better than …

Liz Austin

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Short and Sweet

We are losing our attention span rapidly and video content platforms have sped up that process. TikTok, one of the …


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Everything is Derivative

Generative AI is on the rise and gaining traction. You see it in predictive text, in Discord forums, and in …


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Armory Series

Our Armory series is a collection of creative made for designers by designers. Explore, download, and have fun! Audio Visual …


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Pantone: Color me angry

Pantone and Adobe have partnered up, and now for the low cost of $15/month in your already outrageously-expensive Adobe programs, …

Kirsten Modestow


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