As driven as
you are.

Our small, motivated team works relentlessly to compete against some of the most renowned agencies in the world, meaning we don’t just work with challenger brands, we are one.

To stay competitive and ensure our work stands up against the heavyweights, we hire people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and training, and draw inspiration from uncommon sources. Because our team is like no other, we’re able to create disruptive, one-of-a-kind work for our clients—often leading to long-term relationships that span three years or longer (16 years is our current record). Succinctly, we’re the secret weapon you’ve been seeking.

Our creative roots run deep.

BRIGADE began in 2005 as Executive Creative Director Kirsten Modestow’s one-woman show. Today we operate with a growing team of over 20 individuals, partnering with top brands worldwide.

Kirsten Modestow

Executive Creative Director

Hi, I’m Kirsten

A semi-professional, online shopper with a deep love of interior design and Kelly Wearstler. Wrangles (with little success) two teenagers, two dogs, an over-sized husband, and 6-ish chickens.

Alexia Geary

Senior Account Manager

Hi, I’m Alexia

Resident Cajun bringing flavor, fun, and attention to detail. Also, music and a bold, red lip.

Anthony Sarkis

Senior Creative

Hi, I’m Anthony

Studio artist spending my fortune on food and houseplants. Catch me at Tandem Bagel on my lunch break. #notsponsored

David Foote

Associate Creative Director

Hi, I’m David

Just a Scorpio who loves music from the 60s, TV from the 80s, and iced coffee in the winter.

Elena Zeff

Senior Account Manager

Hi, I’m Elena

Crafting emails and taking names since ‘19. Resident multitasker. If it’s not on my post-it note it didn’t happen.

Erin Schwab

Data Analyst

Hi, I’m Erin

Systems thinker, nature enthusiast, and lover of paper maps. Also shamelessly frugal and always trying to arrive by bike.

Glenys Rignall

Senior Executive Assistant

Hi, I’m Glenys

Proud dual citizen of Great Britain and the USA! Loves supporting her multi-talented, kind team-mates and has a lot of fun doing it!!

Hali Miller

Creative Director

Hi, I’m Hali

Branding enthusiast with a passion for surprising color choices and interior decor. Probably scrolling through Crate & Barrel or yelling at my two dogs.

Jimmy Parker

Senior Creative

Hi, I’m Jimmy

Delaware transplant who never passes up an opportunity to challenge someone to a board game. Scary movies bring me comfort and my shelves are adorned with LEGO.

Teamwork is our creative force.

What makes our team tick? Collaboration at every stage — the file-sharing, design-tweaking, roll-up-your sleeves kind. We welcome the open-minded and we know that different perspectives are key to our success.

Joe Marden

Creative Director

Hi, I’m Joe

Weekend woodworker who would rather build it than buy it, vintage motorcycle enthusiast, and currently on a quest to perfect my paella dish.

Lauren Florence

Senior Creative

Hi, I’m Lauren

Nature-loving designer and illustrator who likes to escape into fantasy novels, Studio Ghibli movies, and Stardew Valley. Mom of two cats and a small human.

Liz Austin

Strategy and Development Manager

Hi, I’m Liz

Bargain hunter and Upstate New Yorker (with the confusingly midwestern accent to prove it). Loves a challenge.

Megan Saraceno

Workflow and Office Manager

Hi, I’m Megan

Perpetual optimist, overly interested in what you’re listening to. Find me multi-tasking while jamming out in my radio time capsule.

Nolan Richter

Creative Director

Hi, I’m Nolan

A crate digging pizza enthusiast with a love for design and an even deeper love for the Sopranos.

Robert Parker

Creative Director

Hi, I’m Robert

I’m a sucker for a good tagline, casually self-identify as Peggy Olson, and I can order a mean dirty martini.

Rachel Jackson

Account Manager

Hi, I’m Rachel

Pioneer “valley girl” with a worldly heart, an eye for DIY design, and a mild obsession with Joanna Gaines.

branding and design agency in Massachusetts

Stephen Oparowski

Senior Creative

Hi, I’m Stephen

When I’m not at BRIGADE, I’m at home taking care of my sweet-little monsters, doing crosswords with my wife Sara, all while feeding my appetite for hip hop.

Thom Dudley

Senior Illustrator

Hi, I’m Thom

Illustrator, animator, and 3D modeler by day…and by night. Also mildly obsessed with motorcycles, secret compartments, funny-shaped furniture making, and crafting the perfect spaghetti alla carbonara.

Tim MacKay

Associate Creative Director

Hi, I’m Tim

Layout Lord, Type Master, and Lensman from the North. This is the way.

Our values inform everything we do.

Our core values shape our culture and reflect our approach to the day-to-day. They propel us toward our big-picture goals by ensuring that we’re aligned and working together to deliver a consistent experience for our partners and each other.

Create world-class work.


Learn & be curious.


Earn trust.


Think outside the task.


Be resourceful & inventive.


Use your team.


Details matter.


Work hard & hustle.


Focus on results.


Current Openings

We hire people, not positions. If you don’t see the opportunity you’re looking for, but have something special to offer, get in touch so we can exchange stories.