The BARR Center

Leveraging an educational non-profit's incredible KPIs to help expand their reach

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The BARR Center, an educational nonprofit focused on improving outcomes in schools, came to us for a new creative platform that would serve as the foundation for new sales collateral and marketing materials. The overarching goals of the BARR team were to highlight the program’s success by focusing on the overwhelmingly positive and unparalleled data, and to break through the noise and clutter of the numerous other educational programs on the market.


Our initial creative exploration uncovered the data point that we used as the focal point of the campaign — The BARR Model, implemented in schools of all types across the country, had never failed to improve outcomes for students. “We’ve Never Failed” became the rallying cry, and leading the way with this bold statement opened the door to large, colorful design elements — including the visualization of the data, headline treatments, and patterns.  After establishing the campaign design through marketing materials, we utilized the refreshed aesthetic to update the BARR website, providing a consistent and impactful experience across the board.

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