Short and Sweet

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We are losing our attention span rapidly and video content platforms have sped up that process. TikTok, one of the fastest growing social media platforms features collaged videos everywhere, pushes sped-up versions of audios, and clickbait is inescapable. The attention retention competition is fierce.

Despite this competition, companies continue to push video content. According to the Global Internet Phenomena Report shared on Colormatics, 60% of internet traffic focuses on video and nearly 60% want to see businesses’ post video content. Video formats allow for more creativity and space for advertising. Different platforms are taking note of this, such as Instagram, Facebook, and even Spotify.

According to a study about electronics by Gloria Mark shared by Time from the early 2000s, participants only watched something for about 2.5 minutes before switching focus. They have recently redone the experiment, and the time spent before a focus shift has decreased to 47 seconds. The inverse relationship developing between the quantity of video content and quality of a user’s attention span can be used to advertisers’ benefit.

More time must be invested into the impact of the content rather than the length. The good news is you don’t need fluff to fill 10 minutes of uploaded content. Instead, your team needs to develop impactful content that translates in 10 seconds. Your content and brand need to be identifiable within a minute.

The key to success in this oversaturated, video landscape is to develop immediate brand recognition to combat the quick scroll away. Keep your brand and its campaign sticky so that important stuff stays with the user! Consider working with a team that fundamentally understands this,


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