UMass Magazine 2022

Challenging the status quo by pushing innovative design for an award-winning alumni magazine to bring their campaign to life at retail

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Continuing our longstanding partnership with the UMass Magazine team, we collaborated on two outstanding issues in 2022.


For the spring issue, our design was inspired by the overarching theme — reality excites — which centered around the spark of excitement on campus that’s continually powered by the curiosity and energy of students, faculty, and staff. For a photo essay called ‘Behind the Flash’, we combined layered photography and bold, handwritten type into a journal-inspired layout. To accompany ‘Chasing Language,’ featuring editors from Merriam-Webster, we used portrait photography with “editor’s marks” that highlight subheads and lead-ins throughout. Illustrations of the author’s favorite words and definitions (in the style of M-W) are inset and styled to look like woodcuts. 

The fall issue focused on the concept of identity, and how our individual expression of that identity shapes the world. To accompany a feature on deaf culture, we used large ASL screen print-style graphics. Newspaper-inspired headline treatments, narrow columns, and other newsprint-esque details weave through a story on how alumni are adapting to changes at work. Accompanying this article is a “classified” section that sets alumni career updates in the classic, blocky style of ads seen in newsprint.

Our award-winning partnership is already off to the races for 2023, with inspiring issues in the works. We can’t wait to share them with you.

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