Refreshing America's #1 lighter to attract a wider audience

  • Point-of-sale
  • Branding


Since early 2019, we’ve been helping BIC  refresh their lighters — infusing them with fun and updating the look and feel to respond to the changing interests of their wide range of customers. From their Good Vibes lighters to Life on Mars, Nostalgia, and a ton of other fun lines in between, our designers are leaning into their artistry and having a blast with this ongoing collaboration. 


Our approach to designing the BIC lighters begins with internet research and conversations that dig into the interests of our target audiences. We dive into what’s trending now and what’s forecasted to be cool in the coming year, and develop creative concepts based on those ideas. Whatever the theme, each design is unique, and speaks directly to the intended audience in the language (or nostalgic imagery) they connect to and understand. We can’t wait for the next assignment!

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