Refreshing America's #1 lighter to attract a wider audience

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In early 2019, BIC came to us for help refreshing their “Good Vibes” line of lighters, with the goal of increasing sales among their millennial demographic. In late 2019, BIC asked us to design a new series for them that helps hip trendsetters express their nostalgic interests.


The desired look and feel for the “Good Vibes” lighters was fun, irreverent, and edgy (without being offensive). In combination with internet research, social media support, and lots of memes, we delivered creative approaches that would engage millennials without alienating other BIC consumers in search of a lighter. For the nostalgic series, we focused on bygone technology that we still value for its style and colorful character — such as landlines, typewriters, vinyl records, and cassette tapes.

This does not constitute an endorsement of any kind.


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