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The fall 2021 edition of the UMass Magazine asks its readers, “What does success look like?” For our longstanding partnership with UMass, success comes from close collaboration with their incredible team, working together to breathe life into their alumni magazine.


For the summer and fall issues of 2021, we helped create an award-winning product that inspired hope for life after the pandemic. We were tasked with creating layouts and key imagery for each feature story and developing a cohesive visual identity throughout with the departments (e.x., columns/non-feature articles). Overall, we aimed to communicate the essence of each issue — adjusting college life to accomodate a pandemic, and how life will look afterwards. For the summer edition’s feature, “Retaking The Stage,” the dynamic typography, graphics, and photography bolster the story of student performers’ innovation during the pandemic by emphasizing movement and grace, as well as the body. In “Money Matters,” a feature in the fall edition, textured backgrounds and illustrations utilize a cash motif to create a cohesive and relevant look-and-feel for the storyline. Working alongside the UMass team is always rewarding. And in 2021, our teamwork was (once again) award-winning – taking home a ‘Merit’ award from the EDM Awards for the Summer edition. We can’t wait to see what’s in store in the next few years. Onto the next!

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