Cartessa Aesthetics

Rejuvenating an aesthetics brand for their new phase

  • Ongoing Brand Development
  • Creative Strategy
  • Sales Collateral
  • Logo Lockup
  • On-Premise Materials
  • Video Concept & Production
  • Website
  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Digital
  • Social Media


Cartessa is an industry-leading aesthetics company in the US and Canada—working with exclusive manufacturing partners around the world to bring cutting-edge technology and breakthrough treatments to clients and patients. To reflect their steady growth from start-up to industry leader in just a few short years, Cartessa reached out to BRIGADE for help updating their brand identity to solidify their position as a trusted and premier partner in the aesthetics industry. Because the Cartessa brand includes a variety of products that need to live together and connect visually, one major goal of this rebrand was to define the hierarchy and ensure consistency at all touchpoints.


We began this project by interviewing multiple stakeholders to uncover truths, goals, and visions for the brand.  With the learnings from this phase, we developed foundational messaging and aligned on a refreshed visual identity that evolved the brand without completely overhauling it. From there, we were able to update individual product brand Sell Sheets that allowed the Cartessa brand to consistently take center stage while allowing each product to have a strong presence. To showcase the vast portfolio of products within the Cartessa family, we developed a brand bar lockup, which helped to establish Cartessa as an industry leader. Ensuring photography was exactly on brand, we conducted a photo shoot,  capturing a consistent set of lifestyle and experiential photography that resonates with the target audience while cohesively carrying through the new visual identity.

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