Tiger Tea

Distinguishing a cannabis-infused RTD with bold storytelling and packaging

  • Creative Strategy
  • Branding
  • Identity
  • Packaging


The Drinkable Company reached out to the BRIGADE team for a full-scale launch of one of their very first liquid libations, a cannabis-infused green tea RTD. Breaking into the premium “spiked” beverage category demanded a name and creative solution that packed a punch and positioned them as the leader in a fast-growing market.


With only 5mg of THC per can, it was imperative to strike the right balance for a diverse audience, including the traditional cannabis consumer and also an alcohol consumer seeking alternative products that serve as healthier options. To bridge the gap, and to appeal to both, BRIGADE looked to mainstream inspiration such as energy drinks, natural, and spiked teas. The name Tiger Tea captures the spirit of the green tea base, and also appeals to those adventure seekers that prefer a more natural tea over a sugary alternative. 

To dominate in the traditionally minimalistic cannabis RTD category, BRIGADE adopted a strong, graphic, tiger stripe approach. The golden metallic and bold black hues create a contrast that stands out, while the textured overprint creates a sensory experience in hand. This sophisticated can has helped the company break into new markets all along the Northeast.

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