Launching an innovative vodka that capitalized on trends in the wine space

  • Ongoing Brand Development
  • Activation
  • Brand Extension
  • Point-of-sale
  • Advertising
  • Promotion
  • Packaging


We worked closely with SVEDKA to craft and launch a true category innovation: SVEDKA Vodka blended with rosé wine – SVEDKA Rosé. In addition to designing the packaging, our collaboration extended to a strategic and disruptive creative platform that capitalized on the momentum of rosé and extended SVEDKA to a broader audience than category competitors.


Since SVEDKA Rosé represented the first time the brand created a line extension within its core vodka lineup, we created a bottle design that felt that would read as a premium yet attainable member of the SVEDKA family. The design of SVEDKA Rosé packaging was grounded in a playful combination of opposing themes – it was new but relatable, fun but sophisticated, strong but tasteful. This playful but purposed duality found its way into every element of the Rosé package – it’s even reflected in the brand’s decision to put the name ‘Rosé’ above the SVEDKA branding itself.

In addition to the package, we supported the launch of the product at retail and in print. We worked with the marketing team to identify and alleviate potential communication challenges inherent to launching an innovative product that consumers are not familiar with – from ‘what is it’ to ‘who makes it’ we used SVEDKA’s brand voice to preemptively solve communication roadblocks before they could happen.

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