Bringing the SVEDKA Goes campaign to life at retail using illustration, consumer trends, and hybrid shopping


In 2021, SVEDKA invested in an all-new TV campaign by the ad agency Cashmere. The brand sought Brigade’s retail expertise to bring the motion-based campaign to life in the retail shopper space, asking us to solve how the campaign can extend into seasonal programming and new product launches.


The SVEDKA Goes campaign hinges on unscripted moments, coming to life in hand-illustrated, high-energy animations on video. To retain the impact of that work while shifting to printed materials, we designed a master VisID for retail work that incorporated rich opportunities for experiential content that was bigger than the physical aisle—from AR activations to seasonal stunts. This freed us to make each season and activation feel visually unique and fun, bringing in seasonal themes based on pop culture trends and audience insights for retail campaigns that were unscripted and highly relevant.

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