Modernizing a payroll and HR services company looking to take on industry giants

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Checkwriters, a comprehensive payroll and HR services company, came to BRIGADE for help refreshing their brand, aiming to update and modernize their positioning, messaging, and aesthetic. Throughout the engagement, we worked closely with the Checkwriters team to ensure we were building an identity that felt authentic and approachable.


To get the refresh started, we did a full audit of existing materials and a comprehensive competitor analysis to position the company in a space that was true to their DNA, but also unoccupied by others in the industry. Once we had established that Checkwriters was centered on the customer experience, we developed key messages and top-level copy that would carry the positioning forward on the website, and in digital and print materials. Finally, we created a brand new look and feel — contemporizing the logo to reflect the forward momentum of the company; updating iconography, colors, and photography styles; and developing new graphic elements, visual devices, and patterns. To ensure clarity and consistency moving forward, we developed a brand toolkit  for use by the Checkwriters team. The final pieces in our collaboration included updates to the website, and the creation of several pieces of collateral for the Checkwriters team, including print ads and sales sheets.

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