Isenberg School of Management

Helping a top business school climb in rank through a visual repositioning

  • Branding
  • Identity


The Isenberg School of Management came to us for a strategic redesign of their icon, aiming to align their mark with their current ranking and position themselves as a leading school of management among competitors. As a professional school at UMass Amherst, the icon also had to live with UMass branding, meeting the stakeholder standards of multiple teams on campus.


Our work spanned from audit, landscape review, stakeholder input, data analysis, and strategic positioning, to the creation of an icon that was responsive (to audiences, communication, and devices) and would help Isenberg gain notice organically — through a timeless mark that’s both nostalgic and powerful. To ensure the icon would be used correctly and consistently across the campus, we created a 100+ page brand book for the Isenberg team. Business Innovation Hub photography by Max Touhey

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