Why award shows still matter

BRIGADE BRIGADE, is an independent, woman-owned branding and design agency providing distinct creative solutions that re-energize tired brands and help savvy marketing teams take on the leaders in the category.

As we all know, creativity when combined with consistency is the key to brands kicking ass. For this reason, award shows live on. 

Extraordinary branding and design shops rely on recruiting talent that wants to shine and outperform the competition by creating strategic and visually-striking creative work. Award shows provide a platform to acknowledge and celebrate these driven designers and their work. Additionally, firms and clients alike want to see the playing field, and want to benchmark best-in-class. 

What has happened over the years to award shows is that the price of entry has become quite a burden, with some shows over $1K per entry. Additionally, the cost of attending shows is a huge investment for firms. Take Pentawards, which is an international show where attendees fly from all over the world to attend this prestigious event. This can serve as a tremendous staff perk, a culture grower, an opportunity of a lifetime for some, and a recruitment tool for staff and clients. All of that said, it’s a cost that gets chalked up to overhead and that can be burdensome.

Additionally, there are tons of shows these days, which is suspicious and has ultimately watered down the scene. Of course the stand-out shows are still perceived as best, but they have fiercer competition from other shows. And from an agency perspective, the field of winners due to the quantity of shows has become wider and less selective. So the ‘win’ at the world-class shows has lost some of its luster.

All of this said, originality and unique one-of-a-kind solutions are not only celebrated, but vital to a brand’s success. So whether or not you see this creative work in a store as a consumer, or clap for it at an award show as an admirer — it goes without saying that outstanding creativity will always matter.

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