Breaking through Halloween retail clutter with artistry that shatters expectations

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SVEDKA has spent more than a decade single handedly turning Halloween into a top retail window for the spirits category. As the brand to beat, each year there is lots of pressure on how SVEDKA can breakthrough  and remain relevant to consumers and ahead of its sales competitors.


For 2021, we hand-illustrated a suite of Halloween materials that felt fun, unique, high energy, and kinda badass. Inspired by the Bring Your Own Spirit campaign’s ample use of neon lights, we created a graphic screaming mouth bathed in blacklight and neon glow. As a fun nod to Halloween tropes, we imagined a blood curdling scream loud enough to shatter a mirror—and used that motif to carve out room for branding and copy, or in the case of a gift box, a window to see the SVEDKA bottle. Glow in the dark inks and reflective surfaces make for materials that continued to punch above their weight even as consumers brought them home.

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