Refreshing a growth-minded construction services company with multiple divisions

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Keiter, a family owned and operated construction services company based in Western Massachusetts, came to BRIGADE looking for a holistic brand update that would highlight their family-owned business, give them an edge in a competitive market, and reflect their incredible work ethic and portfolio. As a vertically-integrated business, Keiter manages multiple divisions that, as a whole, create a one-stop shop for everything related to building, development, and management. One major goal of this rebrand was to bring all of the divisions (each with their own, unique target market) under the Keiter umbrella. The formerly disparate divisions, each with their own (disconnected) websites, would come to live under one URL — The objective for the look and feel was to modernize and clarify the message, ensuring consistency across the brand.


Our approach to this multi-faceted project was to start at the beginning, with a refresh of foundational messaging. Because Keiter Builders, Keiter Homes, Keiter Properties, and Hatfield Construction have unique audiences, we began not only with refreshed messaging for the umbrella brand, but also with personas specific messaging for each division. Once the foundation was set, we refined the Keiter logo by giving balance to the typography and eliminating the existing box to give the mark room to breathe. The master logo was then tailored to each Keiter division, creating a cohesive family of marks. Running alongside the logo build, we designed a brand new (modern, clean, clear) website and wrote all new copy to align with the new key messages. The site speaks to the professionalism, longevity, experience, and craftsmanship that Keiter is known for. It’s dark, minimalist design, combined with friendly and conversational messaging positions them as an authority, while remaining approachable for all visitors. The final steps included a full launch campaign for the new brand, including social media posts and press releases, as well as the development of new brand collateral, sales materials, and HR documents. The comprehensive brand toolkit we shared with Keiter will provide guidance for their team and partners as they work to spread the word in the years to come.

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