Stand up with empathy, and you will stand out.

Elena Zeff Crafting emails and taking names since ‘19. Resident multitasker. If it’s not on my post-it note it didn’t happen.

In 2020, during an unprecedented global pandemic, effective storytelling is critical to brand awareness. The pandemic is making us all more conscious consumers. 

More than ever before, consumers see through flashy ads by big corporations that claim to care. If you are inauthentic. If you are thanking front-line responders without having anything to do with the front-lines. If your scripts don’t strike the right chord. Everyone is paying attention, and there is nowhere to hide.

We are hungry for storytelling that prioritizes empathy and genuine human connection. More importantly, we’re looking for ways to capture the small acts of kindness and celebrate them. That’s why we love the videos of Italian citizens singing together from their balconies, and the New Yorkers banging pots and pans outside their windows every night to honor first responders. These moments of camaraderie demonstrate that togetherness makes us stronger. 

And as consumers continue to crave human connection, we can rally behind the stories that capture genuine empathy and amplify them. 

So, for all those brands out there who have been humbly working hard behind the scenes to serve their communities and enact real change, now is your chance to celebrate the people, the small moments, the acts of kindness and the heartache. Through empathy and authenticity, you will stand out.


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