Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

Helping a global hotel company launch their COVID-19 health and safety campaign

  • Logo Lockup
  • On-Premise Materials
  • Video Concept & Production


Our long-term partner, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, came to us for a campaign that would help them promote their COVID-19 health and safety protocols in their U.S. and Canada hotels. Because the pandemic swept quickly throughout the world, the timeline for the creation of the campaign was short, and the deliverables were an integral part of reassuring guests and hotel owners that Wyndham was committed to their safety and had developed comprehensive COVID-19 protocols.


The overarching goal of the ‘Count on Us’ program was to highlight Wyndham’s enhanced health, safety, and cleanliness protocols so that guests would feel comfortable staying at a hotel by Wyndham. We moved quickly to develop a video that showed the comprehensive nature of the program, and illustrated how Wyndham was addressing health and safety concerns. Used in social channels to promote the program and also displayed by some hotel owners on lobby monitors to educate guests, the broad objectives were to build trust and confidence by showing how Wyndham was meeting the moment of COVID-19 in its hotels. Simultaneously, we created a lockup for ‘Count on Us’, along with on-premise materials for use inside the hotels — including front desk signage, social distancing floor stickers, elevator signage, and key cards. Brigade and Wyndham internal teams also adapted campaign assets for use on their website, in social channels, and on sales materials.

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