Black Birch Vineyard Limited-Edition Bottles

Connecting the design of limited-run varietals to an established family of wines


Black Birch Vineyard is a celebrated winery located in Hatfield, Massachusetts. As partners of Black Birch for many years, we began our work together with a brand refresh, and have continued to provide design and production support for their family of wines. In 2019, Black Birch bottled their first seasonal varietal, Bloom No. 19—a fruity, effervescent wine with a gorgeous pink color. In 2020, we updated the label for their second run of Bloom — this time aptly named Bloom No. 20. Also in 2020, Black Birch bottled their first ever sparkling wine, named Brilliant, and their first ever sherry, named Fino.


For both limited-runs, the team at Black Birch came to us for labels that would stand out from their regular line-up of varietals, while maintaining brand consistency overall. For Brilliant, we wanted to evoke the celebratory feeling that comes when you pop the cork of a bottle of bubbly, and so we centered the design on an elegant, starry night sky and silhouette of rolling mountains (inspired by the landscape surrounding the vineyard). Similarly, the Fino label design was inspired by a golden sunset at the end of the day (the perfect drinking occasion for this modern take on sherry). We used warm earthy tones and gold accents to give the label a rich and refined feel—unlike any other sherry on the shelf. To connect Brilliant and Fino to the other limited-edition varietal, Bloom, we utilized the same typeface and production techniques, including metallic foils and matte finishes. In the end, these labels are beautiful reflection of the wine inside — delicious, celebratory, and classic.

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