FlexFactor by NextFlex

Designing a program that brings the future of electronics to students

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NextFlex®, America’s Flexible Hybrid Electronics Manufacturing Institute, came to us to help them develop messaging and powerful collateral for FlexFactor® — their immersive high school program that utilizes partnerships with local colleges and universities to introduce students to the world of advanced manufacturing technology and aims to get young people excited about STEM-based education and career pathways.


Our first step in this collaboration with NextFlex was to reorganize the content flow to enhance clarity of the material. Moving into design, to help the various users (students, teachers, industry partners) navigate the content and understand how it correlates to all other program materials, we used color, coding, icons, and other visual solutions. The finished product is a cohesive, intuitive, and user-friendly program kit that celebrates FlexFactor’s collaborative approach to education, entrepreneurship, and technology.

This does not constitute an endorsement of any kind.


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